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Building a bridge from a problem to a solution is easy. With our support, you will find the way. We apply a scientifically validated online tool for companies and organisations. It measures relevant creativity and innovation parameters. Quick, simple, perfect. Seek our advice.

How do you benefit from this?

  • The synergy between business and psychology will safely guide you to success
  • Only trust facts and answers: “What you can’t measure, you can’t manage.”
  • Using this knowledge, you can build your processes on a stable foundation
  • Activate expertise and recommendations to get the greatest possible potential out of your company

InnoSparker – Smart Decisions made easy.

The insights of InnoSparker

  • Measuring the relevant creativity & innovation indicators of companies and employees.
  • Identifying the strengths and blind spots in creativity and innovation, and applying benchmarks like the global “Gold Standard”: the Top 10%.
  • Visualizing the creativity and innovation potentials.
  • Targeted answers aimed at closing innovation gaps.

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