Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Georg Pölzl, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

“Dr. Lang accompanied our subsidiary, Post E-Commerce GmbH, during a crucial phase before the launch of our online marketplace. We chose your support primarily due to the combination of your expertise in the fields of creativity and innovation, as well as conflict management.

Dr. Lang has the ability to thoroughly analyze a complex environment both rationally and emotionally, providing clarity in identifying measures and paths for optimization. Furthermore, she served as an important sparring partner to stakeholders regarding collaboration and social competencies.

We sincerely thank Dr. Lang for her valuable contribution in successfully launching this innovation in the market and thus realizing a digital innovation for the Austrian Post AG.”

Martin Winkler, MBA
Chairman of the Board

“CIP Survey (now InnoSparker) allows us to gain an unfiltered view of our potentials. The results contribute to sharpening our strategic direction.“

Mag. Marlene Hahn, MBA
Business Process Manager

“Innovation and creativity are often given too little attention in everyday business operations. Yet, behind them lie unbeatable forces that can lead to outstanding corporate success. CIP Survey has helped us rediscover our hidden innovation and creativity.”

Dr. Klaus Schierhackl, Board Member, Asfinag

“Dr. Lang supported ASFINAG in an effective strategy process, during which the current ASFINAG vision and strategy were developed. Thanks to her creative approach and her ability to integrate best practices with the needs of our company, we were able to jointly create a clear strategy that involved our entire management team. Due to the clarity of her statements, her innovative approach, and aligning the company with a unified vision, the awareness of our future direction among all employees was maximized in a very short time. This was also reflected in the employee survey, in which 88% of all employees confirmed that they are familiar with ASFINAG’s vision. 81% of all employees agree with the statement ‘Our management informs us about the company’s goals and strategy and their achievement.’ We sincerely thank Dr. Lang for enabling us to achieve this success with her insights and customer-oriented approaches, as well as sometimes posing uncomfortable questions.”

Norbert Krausner, Head of Personnel Development, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG

“The refinement of our strategic direction and the promotion of “efficient communication” are two topics we tackled with Dr. Lang from Create Success Consulting in a joint workshop at the beginning of a project. With the various tools she employs, Dr. Lang continues to accompany us in this comprehensive personnel development project. Dr. Lang has the ability to scrutinize interactions in a complex environment and, with her professional expertise, she shows us the way to success in the end.

Her strong economic understanding and psychological thinking provide me with valuable support in the efficient implementation of the project.”

Mag. (FH) Beatrix Praeceptor, Group Procurement Director, Mondi E&I

“Dr. Lang possesses several valuable qualities as a coach:

  1. She strikes a good balance between a personal and structured approach, a combination that is often rare among coaches.
  2. She identifies key points that she consistently revisits, allowing the coachee to truly work on them.
  3. She doesn’t let go when things get uncomfortable, but does so in a pleasant manner.
  4. She incorporates a wealth of personal experience, making things more tangible.
  5. She genuinely cares about helping.”

Timothy Conley, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Bradley University USA:

“I was intrigued by the opportunity to obtain a measure of my individual creativity and my university’s creativity culture, and I was impressed by the scope and detail of the CIP survey (now InnoSparker). The survey offers a systematic, wide-ranging, and strikingly original approach to the measure of individual and institutional creativity. I was also very much enlightened by the precision of the results. These results prompted me to re-examine my assumptions about my strengths and weaknesses and my creative and critical role in my own institution. The survey offers a clear and thorough analysis of individual and institutional creativity and provides the basis for significant development on both micro- and macro-levels.”

Chris Start, Associate Professor, Louvain School of Management, Belgium (International Executive MBA program):

“In my capacity as an Associate Professor at the Louvain School of Management I teach a class on Management Practice as the final module of the International Executive MBA programme. To enrich the section on innovation I used the Creativity & Innovation Pulse Survey (now InnoSparker) as a tool to allow the students to engage in the topic at a deeper and more personal level. Each student was asked to complete the survey on-line and then the results were presented the following week. The class found the tool very energizing and enlightening and it prompted a very lively discussion about how to develop the creativity of individuals and organizations. From my perspective the tool is an excellent way to open a debate about creativity and innovation in an organization and also to help individuals reflect constructively on their own development.”